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GEO-LDN provides an open-access set of tools, datasets, support, and relevant resources for anyone interested in strengthening land degradation monitoring and reporting and to support policy, planning and investment decisions for sustainable land management.


Presentation Slides:


DOWNLOAD:  NBS and Land Degradation Neutrality: The need to harmonize and share data, methods and tools

GEO Week 2022



Building national capacities for monitoring and reporting on land degradation with Earth Observations - Recent experiences of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

UNCCD (October 2018)

GEO Land Degradation Neutrality Initiative (GEO LDN)

GEO Data Technology Workshop (23 April 2019)

 LDN Mapping Workshop presentation

February 2020


Webinars and Videos:


Earth Observations in Support of the                             Sustainable Development Goals

  GEO-XV Plenary (1 Nov 2018); GEO-LDN from minute 01:11:00

GEO4SDGs Session

GEO-XV Plenary (28 Oct 2018); GEO LDN presentation from minute 2:20:35, panel discussion from minute 2:50:35

Land for Future - The need for actionable information

GEO Week 2019


Land Degradation Neutrality. Why it matters, how it's done.

Germany Federal Ministry for International Cooperation (BMZ)

Earth Observations for Nature-Based Solutions

GEO-18 (2 November 2022) Session 3: GEO-LDN presentation from minute 47:10


Workshop Reports:


Report of the AfriGEO LDN Workshop

February 2020

Report of the International Workshop on Mapping and Monitoring to Support Land Degradation Neutrality at Global, National and Local Level

October 2018

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