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About the LDN Toolbox

The LDN Toolbox is a user-oriented entry point to a suite of analytical tools, datasets and methods for land use planning towards land degradation neutrality. The workflow of the toolbox is structured according to the typical 5 phases of an integrated land use planning cycle, as presented in a report of the UNCCD Science-Policy interface on "The contribution of integrated land use planning and integrated landscape management to implementing Land Degradation Neutrality: Entry points and support tools" (see page 30) .

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The Integrated Land Use Planning Cycle and the LDN concept:

The five phases of a cyclical ILUP-ILM planning process and entry points for the modules of the LDN scientific framework (i.e. rectangles in the outer circle). While general ILUP-ILM processes are cyclical, feedback and learning happen among all phases (Source: UNCCD SPI Report)