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Alex Zvoleff, Senior Director of Resilience Science at Conservation International (C.I) and co-lead of the working group 3 at GEO-LDN, delivered a supplement remark at the National Adaptation Plan Expo 2024 in Bangladesh. 

He emphasised the importance of addressing land degradation in order to develop climate change adaptation plans. However, a 'piece of the puzzle' for countries to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) is first knowing and understanding the degraded lands in their own states for which they need data.

Furthermore thanks to the support of GEF in 2016 C.I. was able to develop the free tool trends.earth that has been key to supporting LDN. As a member and partner of GEO-LDN, Alex and C.I. continue to work together with the Flagship to support Parties to the Convention in the use of earth observations to address LDN.

Listen to Alex´s input full input here:

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