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Oct. 16, 2022

Providing stakeholders with easy access to resources to support action on sustainable resources management and land use planning with the aim to achieve a land degradation neutral world.

The LDN Toolbox is a user-oriented entry point to a suite of analytical tools involved in land use planning and implementations toward land degradation neutrality. The Toolbox encompasses the database itself, complete with relevant tools and datasets, as well as a workflow mechanism through which users can gather a set of tools and data tailored to their specific needs.

The workflow is structured according to the integrated land use planning-integrated land management (ILUP-ILM) cycle, as presented in the 2022 UNCCD Science-Policy Interface (SPI) review of LDN entry points and support tools in the context of ILUP (see page 57).

The workflow is divided into five phases, corresponding to the five phases of the ILUP-ILM cycle:


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