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LDN Toolbox

The LDN Toolbox is a user-oriented entry point to a suite of analytical tools for land use planning and implementation toward land degradation neutrality. The workflow is structured according to the integrated land use planning-integrated land management (ILUP-ILM) cycle, as presented in the 2022 UNCCD Science-Policy Interface (SPI) review of entry points for the integration of LDN into the land use planning cycle (see page 57).

Source: 2022 UNCCD Science Policy Interface Review of LDN entry points (see link above)
The workflow is divided into five phases,
corresponding to the five phases of the ILUP-ILM cycle:
In future, the Toolbox will encompass a database with relevant tools, methods and datasets, as well as a workflow mechanism through which users can gather a set of tools and data tailored to their specific needs.
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